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MS Society
Holiday Funding
We are now able to offer holidays that can be
purchased by using the MS Society’s Short Breaks
& Activities (SBA) Fund. The fund provides grants
to people with MS and/or their carers to access
the sort of holiday they choose, whatever that may
be. It can be used to contribute towards the cost
of short breaks, respite care, if there is no health
or social services funding available.
To find out more about financial assistance from
the MS Society, contact your local branch or
the grants team, London: 0208 4380700 /
Edinburgh: 0131 3354050
As soon as you receive confirmation from the MS
Society of your funding contact us on 01452 729739
and we can help to organize a holiday or short break
to suit your needs and requirements.
“This year (5 years into MS & life in a wheelchair) I
decided to along with my partner of 2 years, embark
on my 1st holiday abroad since MS. The grant was
paid direct to Accessible Travel and Ali has taken care
of all the booking for me.
I’d encourage anyone with MS to apply for a grant
for a short break & recommend using Ali at Accessible
Travel to make what I thought I’d never be able to
embark on again possible.”
Take care.
Sharon Stewart.
South Africa
Kruger Park Safari
Get up close to Africa’s Big Five!
(Lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard)
Travel from Johannesburg and enter Kruger National Park from the South. Spend time in the two million
hectare haven searching the Big Five before heading off to a magnificent Private Game Reserve where you
will get up close to baby elephants, lions and even touch a wild cheetah!
What’s included
• Accommodation and transport that is wheelchair accessible
• Daily breakfasts, lunches and dinner
• Fully trained and knowledgeable staff
Small Exclusive Group
Price per person from £1650
Flights from the UK are extra, please call us for a full quotation.
A tour that takes you through one
of the most famous and beautiful
game parks in the world.
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