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Cunard 2016/16 Pre-registration

Cunard Launch

In 2016, the Cunard fleet will travel over 205,000 nautical miles visiting incredible places across Europe and around the World. Between them, the magnificent Cunard Queens will call at 100 destinations in 34 different countries. Each cruise, whether a 3 night short break or a 24 night Caribbean round trip from the UK delivering the luxury and service Cunard is renowned for.

Sailings will go on sale to Cunard World Club members on 14 April and then on general sale from 15 April 2015.

Book now & you can enjoy

5% Early Booking Saving for CUNARD WORLD Club Members

If you’ve cruised with Cunard before book now and benefit from an additional 5% saving on the fare shown below. This 5% Cunard World Club saving is applicable on all cruises booked before 31 May 2015.

PLUS Cunard Fare benefits – Choose from On Board Spend, FREE Parking or FREE Coach Transfers to your ship

Book now and enjoy these extra Cunard Fare benefits.  Cunard Fare benefits are available on all cruise of 7 days or more.

How Pre-Registration Works

  1. Call us now on 01452 729 739 to discuss your requirements and where you would like to cruise
  2. We’ll agree details with you and take a credit/debit card number for your deposit
  3. On the day your cruise opens, we’ll do our best to make the booking for you


Listed below are all Cunard 2016/16 cruises. For details of all ports of call & prices please call us on 01452 729739

Queen Elizabeth      
Q606  14-May-16 17 Central Mediterranean
Q607  31-May-16 14 Baltic
Q608  14-Jun-16 9 Norwegian Fjords
Q609  23-Jun-16 12 British Isles
Q610  05-Jul-16 17 Central Mediterranean
Q611  22-Jul-16 7 Norwegian Fjords
Q612  29-Jul-16 4 Guernsey & Belgium
Q613  02-Aug-16 14 Baltic
Q614  16-Aug-16 14 Iceland
Q615  30-Aug-16 17 Central Mediterranean
Q616  16-Sep-16 14 Atlantic Islands
Q617  30-Sep-16 7 Atlantic Coast
Q618  07-Oct-16 17 Central Mediterranean
Q619  24-Oct-16 14 Western Mediterranean
Q620  07-Nov-16 12 Atlantic Islands
Q621  19-Nov-16 3 Belgium
Q622  22-Nov-16 12 Atlantic Coast
Q623  04-Dec-16 13 Atlantic Islands
Q624  17-Dec-16 12 Atlantic Islands
Q701  29-Dec-16 5 English Channel
Queen Mary 2      
M604  10-May-16 7 Transatlantic West
M604A  10-May-16 14 Transatlantic Round Trip
M605A  17-May-16 7 Transatlantic East
M605B  25-May-16 2 English Channel
M608  21-Jun-16 10 Transatlantic West
M609  01-Jul-16 5 Canada/New England
M610A  06-Jul-16 7 Transatlantic East
M610C  13-Jul-16 2 English Channel
M611A  15-Jul-16 2 English Channel
M611B  17-Jul-16 7 Transatlantic West
M611C 17-Jul-16 15 Transatlantic Round Trip
M612  24-Jul-16 8 Transatlantic East
M613  01-Aug-16 8 Transatlantic West
M614A  09-Aug-16 7 Transatlantic East
M614D 16-Aug-16 16 Arctic Circle
M616B  01-Sep-16 7 Transatlantic West
M616C 01-Sep-16 15 Transatlantic Round Trip
M617  08-Sep-16 8 Transatlantic East
M618  16-Sep-16 4 English Channel
M619  20-Sep-16 7 Transatlantic West
M620A  27-Sep-16 14 Canada/New England
M621  04-Oct-16 7 Canada/New England
M622  11-Oct-16 7 Transatlantic East
M623  18-Oct-16 8 Transatlantic West
M624  26-Oct-16 8 Transatlantic East
M625  03-Nov-16 8 Transatlantic West
M626  11-Nov-16 8 Transatlantic East
M627  19-Nov-16 7 Transatlantic West
M628  26-Nov-16 12 Caribbean
M629  08-Dec-16 7 Transatlantic East
M630  15-Dec-16 7 Transatlantic West
M702  03-Jan-17 7 Transatlantic East
Queen Victoria      
V604  10-May-16 12 Atlantic Islands
V605  22-May-16 9 Transatlantic West
V606  31-May-16 9 Transatlantic East
V607  09-Jun-16 14 Western Mediterranean
V608  23-Jun-16 9 Western Mediterranean
V609  02-Jul-16 14 Central Mediterranean
V609C  09-Jul-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V610A  16-Jul-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V610C  23-Jul-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V611A  30-Jul-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V611B  06-Aug-16 7 Western Mediterranean
V612A  13-Aug-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V612C  20-Aug-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V613A  27-Aug-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V613C  03-Sep-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V614A  10-Sep-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V614B  17-Sep-16 7 Western Mediterranean
V615A  24-Sep-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V615C  01-Oct-16 7 Central Mediterranean
V616A  08-Oct-16 7 Western Mediterranean
V616B  15-Oct-16 7 Western Mediterranean
V617  22-Oct-16 14 Western Mediterranean
V619  15-Nov-16 24 Caribbean
V620  09-Dec-16 3 Belgium
V621  12-Dec-16 10 Atlantic Coast
V701  22-Dec-16 14 Atlantic Islands