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Accessible Travel and Leisure has provided holidays for disabled holidaymakers, wheelchair users and less-mobile travellers, and their family and friends, since the 1990s. Our managing director Andy Wright is a wheelchair user and family man who had experienced the challenge of travelling with a disability. He decided to combine his travel experience with his personal knowledge of disability and founded a tour operator to provide trustworthy accessible holidays for others with reduced mobility.

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More disabled customers than other companies
Andy personally inspected many top holiday destinations in Europe and beyond to assess their accessibility and suitability for wheelchair users. By hand-picking a team of highly experienced travel professionals, he was determined to ensure that disabled people were shown the same dignity and respect as their able-bodied counterparts when travelling. Since then, Accessible Travel and Leisure has successfully facilitated holidays for more disabled customers than any other specialist operator.

Unique experience and disability awareness
Our highly trained and experienced team of travel consultants have all worked for us for over 12 years. As a result, they’ve accumulated considerable knowledge and experience from our many customers who have numerous and wide-ranging specific requirements. To further enhance their understanding of suitable disabled and accessible holiday options, all our team, with Andy, have inspected our accessible properties. No other disabled travel company offers such a unique blend of travel experience, disability awareness and understanding.

As a result of our reputation and experience with accessible tourism we’ve been invited to provide advice and guidance to many UK airports (including London Heathrow) as well as airlines, cruise lines and international hotel chains. We also regularly collaborate with charities and disabled organisations and are an official partner to the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society.

We understand the challenges you face

Many mainstream tour operators are unfamiliar (or uncomfortable) with arranging suitable holidays for disabled and less-mobile travellers. We’re different and we look after all holidaymakers, irrespective of their special requirements. Our holidays are suitable for individuals with carers, families and groups.

We take responsibility for ensuring that, just because you use a wheelchair or have difficulty walking long distances or climbing steps, you needn’t forego your dream holiday. Over the years, we’ve provided holidays for thousands of customers with wide-ranging, diverse medical conditions and illnesses including these:

• Alzheimer’s disease • Arthritis
• Autism • Cancer
• Cerebral Palsy (CP) • Diabetes
• Down’s Syndrome (DS) • Head and brain injuries
• Learning difficulties • Loss of limbs
• Motor Neurone Disease (MND)                         • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
• Muscular Dystrophy (MD) • Parkinson’s disease
• Polio • Spinal injuries
• Spina Bifida • Stroke survivors


Rest assured that we can help with your holiday requirements, irrespective of your possible limitations. We understand the importance of ensuring that every element of your holiday is as stress-free as possible. By better understanding the challenges you face we can use our extensive knowledge and experience to create the perfect holiday for you, your family and your friends.

Please call the accessible travel specialists you can trust on 01452 729 739 or email us

Meet our team

Here, in their words, are some of the team who will give you, your family and friends the disabled holiday of your dreams. Let’s see what makes them different – and perfectly suited to helping you.

Andy Wright, Managing Director

Andy Wright

I helped create and develop Accessible Travel over 15 years ago, by combining understanding and experience of the travel industry with empathy for fellow, less-mobile travellers, gained from managing my own disability. Having undertaken a package holiday, provided by a mainstream tour operator, with my wife and children several years ago, we encountered numerous problems, which led me to form Accessible Travel. I'm fully aware of the pitfalls and barriers facing disabled holidaymakers when the appropriate arrangements aren't secured for them properly. That's why I make sure all our holidays are inspected and checked for accessibility and suitability for wheelchair users. My team - your team - are all experienced travel professionals who share my passion for giving you a quality, barrier-free experience - and a memorable holiday. It gives me a tremendous sense of pride to read the many positive testimonials received from happy customers, and those whose first experience of travelling with Accessible Travel have been so successful, that as soon as they have returned to the UK they wish to book their next holiday!

Ali Parker, General Manager

Ali Parker

It's been more than 12 years since I joined the team - a privilege and an exciting journey as I've created, operated and booked barrier-free holidays for disabled customers, their families and friends. Working for our company perfectly combines my background in cruising and mainstream travel with caring - and uses my positive, knowledgeable, common-sense approach when talking to individuals and groups. Running a busy tour operator is demanding, but you'll usually hear me on the phones when you call. Why? Because I love giving the confidence, reassurance and honest advice that maximises the ease and enjoyment when you book your next holiday.

Frankie Batt, Product Manager

Frankie Batt

As product manager I've got a fantastic opportunity to personally visit and assess all our resorts and accommodation. This includes searching for access as well as sourcing accessible-transport providers, equipment hire and nursing care so you get the most from your holiday. If we haven't seen it we don't sell it - that way we're sure you have 100% accessible information, statistics and images to ensure a holiday that's perfect for your requirements. There's a holiday for everyone - our job is to find the right destination to meet your disabled travel requirements.

Teresa Farrugia, Administrator & After-sales Care

Teresa Farrugia

Working here for over a decade has given me fantastic job satisfaction knowing that I'm helping people with disabilities find a wonderful holiday. It's incredibly rewarding to ensure that all your additional disabled travel needs have been catered for and logged by airlines, transfer companies, accommodation and cruises - and I check every detail meticulously. Then, when you get back, comes the best bit as I love to hear your amazing holiday stories.

Where can we take you?

You’ve been introduced to some of the team and learned a bit about what makes us different. Now it’s time to tell us about your holiday dream so we can make it come true. You’ll be amazed what’s possible.


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